Tobacco-Free Incentive

As a part of our focus on wellbeing, Newell Brands rewards employees and their family members who choose to live tobacco-free.

If you and your family members covered in a Newell Brands medical plan have been tobacco-free for at least 30 days, or have never used tobacco, you will pay $100 less per month for your medical coverage.

You'll state your tobacco status during your annual enrollment session.

If you or any of your covered family members aren't tobacco-free, or if you don't state that you're tobacco-free during your annual enrollment session, you'll have a $100 per month pre-tax tobacco surcharge applied.

Newell Brands offers the free Quit for Life tobacco session program. If you quit using tobacco or complete the Quit for Life program, you can contact the Newell Brands Benefits Center to receive the Incentive.

If you are unable to meet the qualifications for the Tobacco-Free Incentive, contact the Newell Brands Benefits Center at 1-833-4NEWELL (463-9355) to learn about an alternative. Learn more by reviewing the FAQs .