Pet Insurance

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If your pet becomes sick or hurt, you may not have enough saved to cover the expense.

Pets are unpredictable. While it’s hard to anticipate accidents and illnesses, pet insurance makes it a little easier to be prepared for them. From wellness care to significant incidents, it’s the smart way to protect your pet’s health and your pocketbook.

Pet insurance provides benefits for veterinary treatments related to accidents and illnesses, including cancer. Medical policies cover diagnostic tests, X-rays, prescriptions, surgeries, hospitalization and more. Competitively priced wellness coverage can be added to any plan.

  • Use any veterinarian worldwide, including specialists and emergency providers
  • Benefits that renew in full each year
  • Nation’s oldest and largest pet insurer
  • No additional charge for chronic care coverage
  • No lifetime limits

To learn more and enroll, call MetLife directly at 1-800 GET-MET8 (1-800-438-6388). You can also learn more by reviewing the FAQs .