Healthcare Bluebook - ShopSmart

Healthcare Bluebook is an online tool that helps Newell Brands' medical plan enrollees find high-quality care at the best prices for the healthcare services you may need – from inpatient procedures like surgery to medical tests like labs and MRIs. With Healthcare Bluebook, you can shop for care and get the most affordable care available in your area, from high-quality providers.

Healthcare Bluebook’s ShopSmart rewards program sends you a check for $25, $50 or $100 if you or a family member covered in the medical plan choose a preferred provider for price and quality for certain medical procedures. Before seeking care, always confirm that providers are in-network.

Search for an eligible procedure online (or on the app) and a tile will display on the results page, letting you know if the service is eligible for a reward. The next time you need a procedure, check Healthcare Bluebook first and you could earn some green.

The Healthcare Bluebook tool helps you:

  • Search by medical procedure
  • See the estimated fair price
  • Choose a local provider
  • Review quality scores
  • Save money

Start choosing better and saving money:

Learn more about this benefit and the ShopSmart Rewards Program.

Read more about Healthcare Bluebook by reviewing the FAQs .