401(k) Employee Savings Plan

The Newell Brands Employee Savings Plan is a valuable benefit offered by Newell Brands. It helps you save for your future and your retirement with best-in-class features, including a company match, immediate 100% vesting on all contributions and an investment line-up designed for investors at all levels of investment expertise.

Key Highlights of the Newell Brands 401(k) Employee Savings Plan

6% Match: Every dollar you save, up to 6% of your eligible earnings doubles with the 6% match by Newel Brands. Contribute at least 6% to take advantage of the full match.

100% Vesting: Every dollar—whether it be your own contributions or the matching contributions from Newell Brands—is 100% yours the day the money goes into your account. There is no vesting schedule.

Investment Lineup: The Newell Brands 401(k) Plan offers you everything from target date funds that manage your investments based on your estimated retirement date to a self-directed brokerage account that lets you manage your investments on your own. In addition, you have several best-in-class funds with low investment fees to choose from and the option to invest in the Newell Brands Stock Fund.

You can also learn more by reviewing the FAQs . You can also contact Fidelity at 1-833-252-2244 from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET, Monday-Friday.